Catch Power

Making better use of your excess solar generated electricity

The Catch Power device uses your existing solar PV installation to assist in heating your hot water. Catch utilises excess solar generation, that would otherwise be exported to the grid, and delivers it to your hot water system. This not only reduces your overall household electricity usage and greenhouse gas emissions, but offers additional financial benefit to your solar system overall.

Catch Power devices are compatible with any existing solar PV system and resistive element (electric) hot water systems, including those configured as off peak hot water. By redirecting excess generation to heat hot water instead of exporting to the grid, Catch can save your household hundreds of dollars each year. Catch provides the further benefit of continuous solar monitoring, notifying you directly if any problems or faults are detected. The simple ‘plug and play’ design means there are no complicated settings to adjust, you can simply plug in the device and let Catch do the rest! The intelligent adaptive learning algorithm provides sophisticated analysis of weather forecasts and system performance data to ensure the most effective use of your generated electricity, and greatest return on investment.

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