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A Hybrid system works much the same way as a normal Grid Connect solar system however there are a few extra components and battery storage required. It may also sound similar to a Stand Alone power system; however the Hybrid solar system will never be disconnected from the grid so you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Just like a Stand Alone power system, you draw the power from the sun during the day and the excess power you produce will charge your batteries. But like a Grid Connect solar system, any excess power produced during the day (after your homes usage and the batteries are full) will be sent back to the grid at the rate of your current feed-in-tariff.

When the sun sets (or you get a black or brown out), your home will continue to draw power from the battery storage and this is where the benefit of a Hybrid System comes in; if your house uses more electricity than the amount that your batteries hold, your house will begin to draw electricity from the grid until your solar system begins to produce electricity again. This means you will always have a reliable supply of electricity as well as cutting down your electricity costs.

With the ever rising cost of power, maximising your usage of excess solar power and reducing your reliance on the mains power grid has become a priority for many.

Other than reliability of supply people are choosing Hybrid with battery storage for:

Offsetting Peak loads by using your own production from storage during peak tariff periods.

Utilising an oversized system; if you installed a larger system to take advantage of the 60c feed in rate and want to be prepared for the tariff changes. Or bought a house with a large system but are ineligible for the 60c due to account ownership changes. A Hybrid System is the best way to maximise your investment.
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