A Grid Connect Solar Power system generates 100% clean electricity via photovoltaic (PV) panels usually mounted on your roof, which can be consumed in the household and fed back into the mains electricity grid.  Grid Connected Solar systems supply solar electricity through an inverter to the property, and to the electricity grid if the system is providing more energy than the property needs.

When power is supplied to the mains grid, the customer usually receives a credit or a payment for that electricity. This is called a feed-in tariff.

A solar power system is a great investment for households looking to save money on their electricity bills as well as reduce their carbon footprint. Going solar will reduce a household’s dependency on fossil fuel generated electricity from the grid and allow families to utilise the natural energy of the sun to power their home.

Solar Power is one of the most sustainable methods of generating electricity and the electricity produced by solar panels generates zero carbon emissions. But most importantly, solar is an unlimited resource unlike most other energy resources, and should be utilised to its maximum capacity.

Solar Powered Homes design and install grid connected systems for both business and residential properties based on your specific requirements.  We take pride in providing you with quality service, products and attention to detail.

Your system comes fully installed and we’ll organise everything from your paperwork to connection to the grid. We can also provide a point of sale discount when managing your rebate (Small Technology Certificates), meaning your out of pocket expenses are reduced right from the start.

We also provide you with the option of a Hybrid – Battery Storage solar system which enables you to self-consume your entire production saving you even more.