A Stand Alone power system is an off the grid electricity system for locations that are not connected to the public electricity network. Typical SAPS include one or more methods of electricity generation, energy storage, and regulation. Solar panels, wind turbines or fuel powered generators either directly power your electrical loads or charge storage batteries via an inverter/charger controller. At night, the inverter relays the energy stored in the battery bank to your house. When the sun rises the next day, the cycle begins again.

Living off the grid doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up your creature comforts; our standalone power systems will provide regular 230v electricity to power your typical household appliances.

We have over sixteen years’ experience with the design and installation of stand-alone power systems, using only the best components available. We can develop a system correctly designed to match your energy needs and budget, designed to provide the same – if not better – reliability and quality to that of grid electricity.

Whatever your reason for going off grid we can help you attain a comfortable lifestyle on your property plus freedom from ever rising electricity costs.