LG Mono X® Plus

LG Mono X® Plus

LG Mono X® Plus – Strong warranties and a higher efficiency

The latest Mono X® Plus benefits from years of LG research. The 6th generation LG Mono X® Plus offers strong warranties and higher efficiency, than previous generations.

The LG Mono X® Plus will provide many years of clean, reliable energy. Choosing the high-quality Mono X® Plus is an investment in high standards of design, manufacture, backup support and warranties. The high quality is the result of our strong commitment to developing a module that delivers reliable, high output for years for peace of mind solar solution.

LG combines everything a solar panel needs – long service life, ease of installation, competitive price, high efficiency and a strong warranty.

More Power per Square Metre

LG Mono X® Plus 370W panels are a similar physical size to many conventional 330W panels. This means with the LG Mono X® Plus 370W you get 12% more electricity per square meter than a 330W panel. So you can install more kW of solar on your roof with the LG Mono X® Plus-U6.

Proven Field Performance

LG has been involved in a number of comparison tests of the LG panels against many other brand panels. LG models are consistently among the better performing in these tests.

15 Years Product Warranty (Parts & Labour)

The LG product warranty is longer than many competitors standard 10 and 12 years warranties. The local warranty is provided by LG Electronics Australia. The warranty includes replacement labour and transport.

Improved 25 Year Performance Warranty

The long term annual degradation of cells is -0.4% per year for years 2 to 25. This brings their warranted output degradation to 87.9% after 25 years, compared to 80.7% for many competing panels.

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