Happy Frog Café – 16 Park Avenue COFFS HARBOUR

Design Objectives

To reduce energy costs and promote solar and sustainability to the Happy Frog customers. The challenge was to maximise the available roof space avoiding shaded areas by parapets and other obstructions. The customer requested a system that would maximise self-consumption.


48 x ET-P660250 Solar Panels
2 x SMA STP6000TL-20
1 x Sunny Web Box and LCD Monitor


Shading from the east and west parapets was overcome by pitched arrays where the shade would normally have fallen. Each of these orientations was connected to input A on each inverter. The two centre arrays were connected to input B of each inverter. The result was a production that closely matched the customer’s energy usage profile; this was verified by data logging.
Public awareness of PV was achieved with a graphic display of greenhouse gas offset and kWh production in the main dining area using the Sunny Portal.