Newmans Road, Woolgoolga

Design Objectives

The key objective of this installation was to provide electrical access for the customer in their newly built home, as an environmentally and economically efficient alternative to attaining grid connection. Therefore, it was essential to ensure appropriate sizing of the solar array, battery storage and backup generator, to provide the customer with sufficient power to carry out all household activities, all year round.


18 x ReneSola 250W Solar Panels
1 x Schneider Electric Xantrex 80A MPPT Regulator
1 x Schneider Electric Xantrex XW4845 Inverter / Charger
1 x Schneider Electric Xantrex XW Autostart Module
24 x OpzV Solar Power 1000Ah (C100) Hopeccke Sealed Batteries


Correctly assessing the electrical requirements of the site was crucial to ensure the installed system would meet the customers needs all year round.  The solar array was designed to maximise the available roof space, and orientated on tilt frames for optimum efficiency. The resultant installation guarantees the solar array will provide sufficient electrical energy to the home and batteries, with generator power connected via autostart functionality as backup.